Warriors, The (1979)

Directed by Walter Hill.
Starring Michael Beck, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, James Remar, Lynne Thigpen, Doresy Wright, Marcelino Sanchez, and Roger Hill, Terry Michos, and Tom McKitterick. Warriors
94 Minutes – Rated R

All you boppers out there, all you cultists with an eye for action, we have a flick for you.

Cyrus, the one and only, brings together all the gangs of New York in truce. But he is assassinated and the warriors are wrongfully blamed. The group is wanted alive or wasted and have to bop their way back to home turf of Coney Island with enemies in every direction.

To pause is to die and we love this breakneck pace that keeps everything sprinting along. Add in the over the top gangs (particularly the baseball furies) and the setting of a dirty and dangerous New York (that birthed punk rock around this same time) and it’s easy to see why The Warriors is still a cult classic despite losing much of its original, visceral punch.

To answer your question Cyrus, we can dig it.

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