Angel Heart (1987, UK/USA/Canada)

One would think that a mystery involving voodoo and the devil himself could succeed at more than being a guaranteed nap inducer.

A shadowy figure hires a private investigator to track down someone. The PI searches through 1950s New York and New Orleans, asking over and over and over if anyone has seen the missing.

Were getting sleepy just recollecting this hardboiled horror flick. Angel Heart is slow in all the wrong ways and takes itself way too seriously. Not even the cringe-inducing sex scene featuring Lisa Bonet of Cosby fame is enough to rouse your attention. This infamous scene becomes even worse after the big reveal at the end. Boring AND nauseating? No thanks.

Directed by Alan Parker.

Starring Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro and Lisa Bonet.
113 Minutes – Rated R

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