Zontar, The Thing From Venus (1966)

A rip off of a Corman film? You’ve got to be kidding us… This line for line rehash of It Conquered The World was filmed entirely in Dallas for a reputed $30,000 and boy, does it show. The cave entrance is an obvious storm drain and, although the National Guard is called out, you only see five of them.

Zontar is a three-eyed crustaceous bat who comes to Earth claiming to bring peace to all mankind. However, after some power disruptions and Venusian mind control the inept scientists begin to question Zontar’s true intentions.

It’s unfortunate to see the former Mr. Shirley Temple (Agar) reduced to such tripe. Rumors of him indulging in ‘a wee bit of the grape’ appear all too true and it seems the rest of the cast might have followed suit. Only the most ardent purveyors of 60’s sci-fi will be able to sit through this schlock.

Starring John Agar.
Directed by John Buchanan.
80 Minutes – Not Rated

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