Terror Of Tiny Town, The (1938)

Starring Bill Curtis, Yvonna Moray, John Bambury & Little Billy.
Directed by Sam Newfield.
64 Minutes – Not Rated

The one! The only! All midget musical/western! Feast your eyes on our vertically challenged players as they ride Shetland ponies, walk under the saloon doors and generally flit about Tiny Town with method that would make Marlon Brando blush.

Our hero Buck Lawson must stop the villainous Bat Haines, who seems to have a Napoleonic complex and wants to short change the local yokels. Little does he realize how slight are his chances when confronted by the petite populace. Presented by Jed Buell’s midgets (no kidding) the condensed cowboy cast are nothing if not sincere and proceed with elfin-like enthusiasm.

If by some infinitesimal chance you run across this lilliputian film, watch it in the wee hours when you need a good short-rib tickle. Just don’t be surprised if you get a bit bored once the novelty wears off.

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