Moon (2009, UK/USA)

Not since Vincent Price in The Last Man on Earth, have we been so captivated by a performer on the screen alone.

Sam has spent the last three years in isolation on a lunar mining base. All the while, he has dreamed of nothing but his family and home. But as he approaches the end, he suspects that things are far more terrible than they seem.

Sam Rockwell solidifies his status as a cult movie icon in Moon. His performance is the movie, and we can’t imagine anyone better in his place. Granted, this slowly untangling, heady sci-fi may turn off those looking for more action. But there is a richness here rarely found in movies with laser guns going pew-pew.

Moon deservedly takes its place alongside cult sci-fi greats of old.

Directed by Duncan Jones.
Starring Sam Rockwell.
95 Minutes – Rated R

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