Rollerball (1975, UK/USA)

In 2018 nations have been replaced by corporations. The only sport is Rollerball, a game designed to demonstrate the futility of individual effort. Despite that, player Johnathan E. (Caan) rises above the rest, making the executives nervous. When they try to force him into retiring, he resists, and the rules are changes to make the deadly game even more lethal.

The real highlight of Rollerball is the sport itself and the carnage that comes along with it. The violent games are well thought out and engrossing. It’s only when we leave the rink do things become clumsy and dull. Despite this, something is transfixing about Rollerball and its unloving world of absolute corporate rule that keeps us returning to it.

Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan!

Directed by Norman Jewison.
Starring James Caan.
129 Minutes – Rated R

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