Rock N’ Roll High School (1979)

Thank goodness Roger Corman decided to go with rock instead of disco. Thank goodness The Ramones we’re chosen over the Scorpions. Thank goodness this ridiculously fun flick exists.

Riff Randell is a self-proclaimed rocker who attends Vince Lombardi high. Soon, a new rock hating principal arrives. It’s then up to Riff and her favorite band to fight to reclaim the school and turn it into Rock ‘n’ Roll High.

The movie is just like a Ramones song in that it’s fast, simple, and a hell of a good time. P.J Soles is almost as funny as the rock obsessed teen as The Ramones’ acting. Despite some of the most monotone dialogue we’ve ever seen, we can’t imagine any other band taking their place. It’s not rocket science, but try to watch it and not have a good time. This one gets the passing grade from us.

Staring- P.J. Soles, Mary Woronov and The Ramones.
Director- Allan Arkush
93 Minutes – Rated PG

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