Great Train Robbery, The (1903)

Starring George Barnes, A.C. Abadie and “Broncho Billy” Naderson.
Directed by Edwin S. Porter.
12 Minutes – Not Rated

Okay, hang on to your spurs. The must for this moving picture show was the story of an actual robbery of a train in the Wyoming Territories by Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, which occurred only THREE years earlier and THOMAS EDISON released the film in the United States. If that doesn’t garner cult status then pray tell what does?

The twelve minutes are broken into a baker’s-dozen or so scenes, starring and climaxing with a six-shooter pointed directly at the audience and fired (which no doubt scarred the hell out of them). A gang robs a train, speeds away on horseback and are hunted and killed by a posse. It might ring familiar to you dear reader, but recall this was the FIRST one and all Westerns following in the next hundred plus years merely “offshoot-em-ups.” In fact the film features a number of firsts to include; tinting the black and white footage, camera mobility and location shooting (even if it was just New Jersey). Our fellow cultists, you must see this one.

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