Goon (2011, Canada)

There are teeth and blood on the ice in this melding of Slap Shot, Rocky, and The Trailer Park Boys.

Doug Glatt is an adrift bouncer with a body like a cro-magnon and a surprisingly gentle heart. He lands a spot on a minor league hockey team and has two jobs: protect his teammates and maul the competition.

Goon is the story of a man finding love and purpose while smashing in faces. The violence has a crunch and shown in graphic detail. Meanwhile, the comedy is hit or miss. That said, we can’t help but root for Doug (due in no small part due to his perfect portrayal by Seann William Scott) as he pushes through relentlessly, making his place in the world but staying true to who he is.

Go Highlanders!

Directed by Michael Dowse.
Starring Seann William Scott, Alison Pill, and Jay Baruchel.
92 Minutes – Rated R

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