28 Days Later (2002, UK)

Nothing since George A. Romero’s Day of the Dead has inspired zombie lovers to such an extent, and, while the villains are not technically dead, they are oh so horrifying.

The UK faces a plague fittingly named “The Rage”. An apocalyptic 28 days follow unseen. A man wakes in a hospital, alone, with no knowledge of the events. The next 28 days, which we do see, are loaded with mayhem and savagery as the infected pursue the man and other survivors.

There are no cheap thrills here, folks. The violence is unsettling and, naturally, what we paid our money for this. But what makes 28 Days Later stand out is the story. It builds and builds before climaxing into a perfect crescendo. Cult classic is the logical conclusion for this most gratifying spectacle. 

Incidentally, the bad guys are FAST!

Starring Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Brendan Gleeson, and Megan Burns.
Directed by Danny Boyle.
113 Minutes – Rated R