Army of Darkness (1992)

This sorta, kinda, sequel to Evil Dead II sends Ash into a renaissance faire version of the past. He comes armed with his chainsaw arm, boomstick, and chemistry book. Along the way, he battles life and pint-sized versions of himself, demons galore, misbehaved books, a tongue twister spell, and, as might be expected, an army of darkness.

Rami ramped up the comedic aspects with each Evil Dead entry, and Army of Darkness succumbs to all-out silliness. While this may disappoint some, don’t let it. Campbell tackles his role with self-awareness, mockery, and sheer bravado. His performance makes the whole movie an absolute romp and firmly secures his status as a cult movie icon.

Ash is one king worth bending the knee to, baby.

AKA: Bruce Campbell vs. Army of Darkness
Directed by Sam Raimi.
Starring Bruce Campbell.
89 Minutes – Rated R