About Us

About Us

Our organization has three goals:

  1. Identify films with a cult following.
  2. Review such said cult movies.
  3. Preserve and share the knowledge of and about these films.

We agree with Shakespeare in that brevity is the soul of wit. All of our reviews are less than 200 words and, hopefully, entertaining, informative and easy to digest.

How do we classify a film as being cult?

Only the audience has the ability to make a film a cult film.  A movie becomes cult by having a dedicated “cult” like fan base that can range from huge to miniscule.  This is the only characteristic that all cult movies share.

It cannot be determined if a film will develop or maintain a following shortly after it’s released. Because of this, we require that films wait 5 years until they can be classified as cult. If, after a minimum of 5 years, a film develops or maintains a rabid fan base, it can be called a cult movie.

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